Case studies

Besides adding value to our corporate clients, our enabling role extends to government and industry-wide initiatives. Here are selected illustrations from some of our Public Credentials:

Our experts coordinate the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC, The SBMC is the global consortium created by Yamaha, Honda, Piaggio and KTM and meant to accelerate the deployment of swappable battery systems for light vehicles world-wide. Our team grew the consortium to more than 40 members in 2023 (and counting). In that context, our team coordinates the design of common specifications, their prototyping and field testing, as well as their promotion to national and international standardisation bodies. We are thus contributing to the creation of an entirely new global market for electric mobility which entails a transformation of current business models.

N-ABLE in partnership with Deloitte performed the ex-ante evaluation of ESIF-funded financial instruments for the Ile-de-France Region. Our experts analysed investment SME needs and obstacles to confront them with the current supply of financial products and funds available in the Region. All funds were considered in that context (e.g., equity, quasi-equity, debt, and grant instruments). The synthetic analysis derived from our research in consultation with major investors in the Paris and Ile-de-France area led to the design of an overall investment strategy as well as the design of specific financial instruments that the Regional Council may either consolidate or launch to support its ecosystem across strategic areas.

Our Experts were mandated by the European Commission (DG REGIO) to support the Hydrogen Pilot Action launched in the context of the COVID-19 Recovery. This Pilot Action was meant to build and consolidate a partnership made of multiple EU regions and their intermediaries to generate a pipeline of interregional innovation investments. Our team consolidated 2 alliances and built 4 Key Pilots (industrial feedstock, busses and long-distance coaches, co-generation, and in-land navigation). Our team identified complementarities across regions and generated a pipeline of business cases that could be connected through a single platform. With the support of our experts, the € 15.000.000,00 consolidated project that emanated from this effort received funding under the EU Interregional Innovation Investment instrument (I3).

N-ABLE coordinates the ICEI-A which consists of a consortium of European industrial clusters willing to accelerate the deployment of circular economy investments. Besides coordinating the activities of the consortium, our team conducts specific analyses and facilitates the emergence of project consortia. For example, our team facilitated the financing of a € 5.000.000,00 project born within the Alliance in efficient and sustainable mining technologies. Building upon the complementarities of identified industrial and innovation partners, the joint investment is to lead to more efficient mining yields and will boost the deployment of Greentech to an industrial consortium active in raw material segments.

On behalf of the European Commission, our experts coordinated the Slovenian Pilot Action for Industrial Transition. Our team designed a strategy with a key focus on future manufacturing and set key recommendations that were taken up by the Slovenian government and meant to address key Slovenian challenges: funding piloting and demonstration of new technologies, fostering public-private R&D, etc. From that effort, our team designed a High-Impact Action (HIA) that led to the funding of 5 SME-led industrial demonstration projects by the Commission in Slovenia on technologies related to modular and reconfigurable manufacturing. Following that mission, our team further deployed its impacts by enabling various intermediary organisations on innovation financing (IJS/SRIP FoF, Technology Park Ljubljana, etc.) and successfully facilitating the € 1.500.000,00 fundraising of a Slovenian innovative cleantech SME.

Together with Ecorys, Ricardo and PPMI, N-ABLE supports the 73 Projects funded by the European Commission (DG RTD) under the Green Deal Call (GDC). The GDC consists of a €1 billion investment made by the European Commission to boost the green and digital transition of Europe. It is meant to be part of the EU response to the climate crisis and EU’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. In the context of our assignment, our expert analyse and advise projects holders on their innovation investment models and review green business and financing models. We coordinate the biannual update of the repository of investment cases (over 5 years) and further support project holders in assessing the optimal financing strategy for their follow-up financing round.

N-ABLE was a main partner of the Accelerator ( implemented on behalf of the European Commission (DG GROW, EISMEA) to accelerate the deployment of Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies (BDLTs) to European SMEs. In that context, our team coached companies on innovation investment and financing and actively contributed to the implementation of a cascade funding scheme through which our consortium financed 25 SME-driven collaborative deployment projects. The successful implementation of lead to the de-risking of SME innovators’ profiles and the commercial deployment of technologies by SMEs tapping into the operational benefits of BDLTs.