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Meet our N-ABLERS

We bring experienced experts with a shared DNA: in-depth expertise, effectiveness, transparency, trust and flexibility are at the core of our teamwork. As enablers, we do not consider ourselves your service provider but your partner.


Pierre Padilla


Dr. Pierre Padilla is CEO of N-ABLE and runs our strategic lines in Consulting and Financing. Co-founder of the company, he oversees the expert team of the advisory and focuses on leveraging the company's impact over its client base.

Pierre advises both corporate and government entities at global level on Green and Deep Tech financing and investment (batteries, hydrogen, natural assets, circular economy, AI, Blockchain/DLT, Advanced Manufacturing, etc.). His clients encompass large firms, global industry networks and consortia, SMEs, but also public entities such as the European Commission, World Bank, OECD, and Technology Organisations.

As Expert, Chair or Coordinator, Pierre was assigned multiple mandates by the European Commission, the OECD, and other entities investing in sustainable innovation. He also acted as CFO, Advisory Board Member, and in other positions toward several innovative firms and entities. Along these lines, Pierre contributed to the design of investment funding schemes and financial products and unlocked multi-million financing rounds for various entities to accelerate innovation deployment.

He was awarded his PhD in Governance of Knowledge and Innovation from the University of Twente (NL). In that context Pierre was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for International Science and Technology Policy – The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs; and at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR - Manchester Business School) as well as at Ecorys UK (London). He is also certified from the Vlerick Business School (Corporate Finance, VC/PE) and holds an exec. Msc in Tax and Financial Engineering from the ESCP Business School.


Erwan Le Bourhis

Msc • CFO

Erwan Le Bourhis is CFO of N-ABLE and has more than 20 years of experience as Financial Expert. Erwan currently drives the corporate finance activities of our advisory line on behalf of both public (European Commission, Regions...) and private clients. Within that context, Erwan develops scale-up and deployment strategies for companies and projects and operationalises their financing. He also coordinates business and financial modelling and planning as well as our private financing activities.

Before joining N-ABLE, Erwan was Financial Officer in charge of the business line for mobility experiences Michelin – covering 21 countries and €105 million of annual turnover. He oversaw company acquisitions and integrations, including: reporting and dashboard set-up, process and standard harmonization, business reviews. He also took part in executive activities such as: support and recommendation for growth and new business (M&A, business plan, due diligence, etc…), business planning and medium-term plan, tax management, forecast and budget preparation and follow up processes, and monitor financial and business KPIs. Erwan has accumulated extensive experience in building and transforming administrative and financial systems within private organizations of all sizes.

Since he joined N-ABLE, Erwan unlocked financing for projects and companies across various tech and sectors (natural assets, circular economy, digital health…). He developed financial strategies and financial products on behalf of various clients – from equity and debt to quasi-equity and mixed schemes. Erwan graduated from the ESCP Business School in Corporate Finance (MSc) and PSB in Marketing (MSc).


Emmanuel Boudard


Dr. Emmanuel Boudard is COO of N-ABLE and has more than 20 years of experience as Economic Expert.

Emmanuel enables our industrial and government clients with respect to clean and advanced technologies (Batteries, Hydrogen, Advanced Manufacturing, Blockchain/DLT, AI, Materials, Circular, etc.), government research and innovation funding, as well as SME policy. He coordinates our government advisory services at EU level. His expertise is regularly called upon by international government entities, such as his appointment of Expert by the European Commission to its Industrial Transition Pilot Action, and as Interregional Innovation Investment Partnership Coordinator.

Prior to co-founding N-ABLE, Emmanuel founded La Rochelle Consult in 2009 to work at the intersection between doctoral education, EU research funds, and SMEs. He has also been an economist for the OECD (1997-1998), the UNDP (2002-2003) and the European Commission (2004-2008), and provided consultancy services to CEDEFOP (European agency), Statistics Canada, and the US Federal Government (1999-2001).

Emmanuel has steered the development of N-ABLE in France, Nordic and CEE countries. He drove the structuring and financing of industrial partnerships such as the European partnership on Advanced Materials for Batteries (upon European Commission mandate) and unlocked funding for various clients and especially SMEs in areas such as batteries, hydrogen, natural assets, circular economy, as well as deep and digital tech.

Emmanuel obtained his PhD in 2001 from two universities: Stockholm (Sweden) and Dijon (France).